Digital Paintings

-Newton's Figmented Parts and Parcelled Particles

...Figments of fractions. Spectacles of abstracted actions. On full display with little regard to consequence.


"Dances of the Vaccinated"

with their tanks they come a rollin' and sprayed the sky when no one was noticin' and we all celebrated with dances of the vaccinated


















"the overseeing of the dreams of canines"

when canines dream



















"nacimiento de la guerra: EAST_1"

dia de la guerra en el Oriente..mares venenosos y ya muertos todos. Gog Magog.





















come come

listen and run

tell everyone

come come















"Discordially Excluded"

We had dreams of airships with burning heat weapons that stripped our skins from the bones and we were all alone at once and prone. A speaker told a new tale of order.What was heard was of a virulent strain and it left oozing throbbing welts upon our minds.and then came the great wars.the wars for thought.the fire races at once in all directions and we are united in silence.


















"Scene 60"

una presentacion del sacrificio de un humano ☼

a resuscitation of recital and incantations.












"The Icon Bearer"














"whisper whisper"














"Gifts and Offerings"

















"On a Midday Stroll with Watching Buildings in Background"















"SpeakWonders part 1"

















"prehensile carress of undoubled matter"
















"Reddy Kilowatt's Revenge on Graffiti Tagger"


















"William of the Burroughs"































-Remixes of Classics

Bu gün biz uzun məsafə yürüdüm. su olmadan. yanacaq olmadan. çox yanğın qalxan. göydə uçan. Onlar göylərdə uçmaq. insan məhv olur. Əhalinin yanma.
strukturları məhv edilir. insanlıq pozulubdur


"The Two Marias with Child"



















"Mr.Goodparts @ St.B's"

cruzando at the rivers edge where it leads to propaganda and great fanfare to one day die because of mold on the walls or sick of it all....tarde o temprano llegara el espejo sembrado sentado sin espacio with my thoughts en el espacio

caminamos despacio sin rumbo with a handful of dreams















"I of the Round"



















"entombment of the wunderfisch"

the entombment went well. no snags to speak of. the great fish gave birth that eve. someone had to have seen it or at the very least heard the thunder song
































"The Presentation of Queen Avispa"

she comes with a great announcement and heralding.trumpets are heard now.come to see the great queen.her mouth spews avispas
















"El Caras de Vaggio"

















"SaintMicaello and Satanas"

en el infierno quemaras with flames whipping about your greedy skin



























"‡ fatbaby newyear ‡"

celebrations come this year and then next time we shall meet













































"Pacto No.3"

en un dia 5 del mez 37
























In a blackened alley way you can find them there.In hushed tones they convene and speak of obscenities in dark languages.







I once saw her run towards a closet like enclosure. there she held court among the remains of heroes. She can read you. 












"galatea and samm"





















"Baron Thesolonious' rendezvou with Number 9"

The vilicious maldoers greet and roddle ... they flith and they flotherl. Like night dances and sick weather romances...Times of these are run over with schemata and errata...sinners and sin singing sins about sinners. Gohde save and rain wash, Come down the alley for a thick slick throsh.The skin workers are out and so are the barons, with their ways and things...flings and thickers shivers and quivers.Time comes 3.

























tell us a song




















"El Arola"

wedding time at the arola volaris.a visitor looks on and is caught by his reflection in time.






















Tentacled tentations of vile permutations.Meet me when the clock rings thrice.

lerideaubaisersaveclevent . Slivered hands of holding forth.










"Bolas or contradictions of the inevitable."

temo que si vuelo por las nubes y me quedo sin alas de por luego

caere y si me entrego regresare bien despierto a las nubes ya de nuevo.wave goodbye to the fucking camera























"Seylom & Ette"

she always comes to my stones, says they bring her actuators into cleaner alignment, i personally think shes full of shit and just likes my touch....her name is ette and i like her just fine. she tells me of the ocean which she sails and of the great beasts of it and from it.she talks of far away places...her cadence is soothing some would say she speaks in weird patterns but i like her just fine.






















"Oris' Trade "

Oris walked many days and nights to meet Parthen and Elayna. During his trek he met Xyryx the Handsome and they walked on. They finally met the priest couple on the 5th month and 37th day of the journey.Oris was there for the trade. The trade each manlit must make.He had carried his Blackest of Blacks in a jar that was given to him by a peculiar bird.Upon the meeting, Parthen begins the special words...Elayna looks on and signals the correct signals at the correct times....the manlit is beginning his long walk this day the 37th of the 5th month.





















"tenticulations of RexNeoDiabolos"





















"Diseccion d' Algomarthel"

"I can not tell you more about that thing," he was very distressed..his hands trembled as he reached for his pack of decorelles...he lit one and continued..."They came in with their of them showed me grafix of Sayan at home sleeping..." he trails off ...I tell him we dont have much time and he takes a huge drag ..."They made me cut it open and remove a...cyst...tumor...Im not sure whats happening"...."Theyve got me transed" he whispers while motioning to his right arm...a large fresh scar marks his skin.."What happened to the ...cyst.... the mass you removed?" I ask knowing he doesnt know...couldnt know...he looks at me and turns away....the room reeks of decorelle and blood..















The Orbitus Gifter pres3nts to her a special flavored gift..enjoy sweet one














-Last night a dream

so vivid I could taste the sleep.I gathered myself from the floor and splashed water on my face.The mirror spoke and said all things are not as they appear. A union in search of shelter for their newborn,a superfluous Uncle whose extravagant ways dont speak of his secrets.These are all formalities.The liar or the Saint on an expedition to find his duality.He is there to witness for the icon.What does it matter if we did not pray for more when on our last day we were all alone







semigod"storytelling no.8 "

in a grassy field on a day just like this one I found the carcass of an old bus. its frame creaked and moaned when the winds picked up but was quiet mostly...There I sat with friends and fiends and we told tales of long gone days...tomorrow we will gather at this same spot and maybe just maybe we will get the stories right once again...























a dillusional diversion is cast and the glance and gaze is sent elsewhere while they pick the fruits of our labor...
























"Diar Elem"

she gives the light of Majenthra to her devotees...with soft wings they come.















































"Rudyards expedition to find his Duality"

he donned his gear and trumpled on. Room after room he searched mechanically and methodically..Searching like every day.This time the search is fruitful





















"Uncle Tudor shares a secret with the Twins"

Les cuenta de sus pesadillas en las cual ellas lo matan a piedrasos pero no antes de tomar partes de su cuerpo...Ellas le separan sus deditos al tio Tudor y usan los pedasitos como sason para su te...El les cuenta que el tiene parte en la manipulacion de sus pesadillas y ellas rien por no noche viene time for the nightmares de el tio Tudor...las gemelas se deciden visitarlo otra vez al gran tio....esta noche en sus pesadillas






















2380oiu 7926 2w29954 57 tyh 590 12075y 8322: intercede: 9239081 834 455 29: justif: 6523

technically sound zoophile defecates scantilly chantilly vintaged decorum..slightly les wicked than at night






















time for another wedding.wear your chucks for this one...dont forget your kangols. I got my baby blue one ready for and my crew rolled there with cazalls and name belt is a special occasion of course...the union of the blockheaded wonders.537 revisits his 573 in the past...she was there for him at the precise moment he needed her




















"Les RUN"

el ee es les eff are ee fresh yes are u in run crew u kay en oh how we do 537 babies.tick tock hip hop yes yes























We gathered about to feed and engaged in small talk with friends.Inevitably some one started a fire.Things could not be quelched and the fire raged until it self destructed.A knightly King held court for a little longer than he should have.The melodious girl sang a melody that made us all cry when we werent laughing.Its ok if you know the words.










"Miss Salim with her petite mann Sacralen The Brother"

Miss Salim is a racer and sometime grower. She has a large plot of land given to her upon her husbands death.Here she poses with her petite mann the proud Sacralem The Brother.Today is shaping up to be a nice time.El hombrecitohl Sacralem duerme profundamente ya que se cansa de sus actividades nocturnas sleep little Sacri your rest is well earned.
























Sayir is deeply addicted to the Flither's nectar.. the male flither will expell a toxic nectar from its beak into the mucus membranes of any rival or aggressor ..the male flither will seethe nectar through its beak that is highly toxic and even lethal to most other flithers but the combination of his mates distress and blood intake, arouse the male flither into producing a more potent and toxic form of nectar (the female flither must be suckling on the blood of its aggressor at the time)..this nectar is extremely intoxicating and causes severe hallucinatory effects that last for up to 53 days and 7 hours

























♫ got iron too? well its a duel of the medulla/the sun ruler schooler got bazookas guided by computers/you got pea shooters and crosseyed maneuvers/so its a forgone conclusion that your survivals an illusion/ ..♪





















"KingGod VS KongZilla"

king god stick em up pick em up throw em in the gutter

kong zilla nones illa slash em like no other






































"You Wanna Bite Something?"

bite this!





















invocations of demonious sprinklings






Digital Paintings

These images were all created using Photoshop with default brushes and a pen tablet.

Digital Paintings